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arduFPGA GameConsole white display no VS1053b


arduFPGA GameConsole is a product that load and play arduboy compatible games from onboard uSD memory card, the VS1053b section is not populated with components.



This board is intended to be used as mobile game console, but the utility of this board can be extended using the three pins wired to the micro USB connector. This board by default is delivered with two stage boot-loader, the uSD tree of games can be downloaded form https://github.com/dev-board-tech/arduFPGA-iCE40UP5K-images-release, these applications are independent applications that are selected and load from uSD usin a GUI explorer. The schematics, FPGA design and all games and applications are open source using GPLv2 license. Further designs and applications will be found on https://github.com/dev-board-tech

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